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Charlotte FC Closing In On A 3 Year Deal With Interim-manager Christian Lattanzio

By Tyler Trent

Image courtesy of Charlotte FC

Charlotte FC is finalizing a new 3-year deal with interim head coach Christian Lattanzio to become the permanent manager of the club.

Christian Lattanzio was named as Interim-manger after the sacking of Charlotte FCs first official Head Coach Miguel Angel Ramirez at the end of May.Lattanzio has led the team to 7 wins, 1 draw, and 9 losses (22 points) since taking over as interim-manager with three games remaining and playoffs still possible, albeit unlikely.

Lattanzio has proven once again his knack for helping to develop players, with McKinze Gaines, Brandt Bronico, and Ben Bender all praising the 1 on 1 work with Lattanzio and crediting him with helping their improvements. Nothing is official yet but negotiations are heading in the right direction and deal will soon strike.

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Mark Portrais
Mark Portrais
Oct 02, 2022

A couple thoughts: 1) I was on the fence about CL as a head coach 2)I WAS a huge hater of Jozwiak calling him a potato for quite a while, a hater of Jones for tunnel vision and slowness 3)Thought CL was crazy to keep starting these guys…but then they both started to really fit in 4)Jones had some great stops/steals from Philly last night and Jozwiak is a little monster that is sneaky fast

So I guess Lattanzio knows what he’s doing. He can actually see the potential in players. Imagine where we would have been if we had a true offseason and him starting as a HC. We would’ve been in the playoffs 100% our first season without…