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"They Asked Me About Anibal Moreno and Matias Rojas" - Enzo Copetti

By Jorge Gonzales

Enzo Copetti (Photo courtesy of Cisco Art)

Recently Enzo Copetti gave an interview to the popular Argentine show ESPN F12 of ESPN Argentina in which he touched on a lot of different subjects regarding life in MLS, Lionel Messi, and transfer rumors for Charlotte FC. Here are some of the important excerpts.

Regarding his injury:

TV Host: What do you have (regarding his injury.)

Copetti: I had a hit, they crashed into me (in regards to the play against NYCFC where he went off injured) and that hit led me to a tear.

Regarding life in MLS:

TV Host: Have you adapted?

Copetti: Yes, the adaption was quick, the only thing is the style of play changed a lot and I think that bothers me a little bit we were playing a certain way, and then it changed but it's normal that things change but in changing things too much the team became a little disfigured but we are on track and we just have to continue with this idea (in terms of playing philosophy) and to adapt to it.

TV Host: And the City. Good? Are you comfortable?

Copetti: The City is quiet. It's a city that is growing. It's a great city it's growing and quiet.

On Messi's arrival:

TV Host: What will Messi find in MLS? What do you think? And what is the league feeling?

Copetti: It revolutionized it a lot (the league) more in the clubs the entry (to matches that Miami will play in.) is through the ceiling. I don't know if it went up 200% but they went up a lot. I went to Miami like two weeks ago and there are pictures of him in the streets and the shirt in all the stores not specifically his but of Inter are everywhere. I went to the stadium and they were adding seats to hold more people so it shows the magnitude that Leo has. This league is growing a lot and it will be a competitive league.

In an exchange of fun banter, Copetti was asked about getting Messi's jersey

Copetti: My teammates have told me they will use me as a translator to ask for his jersey I said first I will ask him for his jersey then you all can ask him. Just having him in front of me will be a dream.

Copetti speaks about names that he has given Charlotte in terms of players:

TV Host: Who did you tell them to take over there? I'm sure you've mentioned Aníbal Moreno because of the way he plays and Matías (Matías Rojas) is another name that comes to mind

Copetti: They asked me about both

TV Host: And Aníbal (Moreno) tell him to hurry up (in regards to signing with Charlotte.)

Copetti: I've spoken with him (Moreno) and it's complicated because of the fee

On whether Charlotte can be a trampoline for something bigger for him:

TV Host: Are you projecting this (MLS) as a trampoline for somewhere bigger or you haven't really thought about it?

Copetti: The truth is no. not yet. I only think about playing and focus on what I have to do and complete the contract I have here. If in the future someone comes and I can get that jump in quality that would be great but here I feel comfortable I don't have any problems with anyone I live in peace I have my family and I think it will be an important league I'm not thinking about going somewhere else. I am focused here.

Differences between Argentine League and USA negatives and positives:

Copetti: The Argentine league there is a lot more friction and a lot of tackling, here they don't let you be physical with a defender because it's a foul.

TV host: There isn't a lot of trickery (In MLS)

Copetti: Yes the referees are a big problem. They want to be the protagonist of the games. There was a game where they committed 3 clear penalties on me they showed the replay and they didn't call them. Obviously, when they don't call one or two it's not the same to want to play when you see they call the same fouls for the others but not's very complicated.

TV Host: Is there VAR?

Copetti: They have VAR but they never noticed I don't know if they tell them from the top (Where the VAR panel is) but here you see the replay on the screen...

Another TV host interrupts:

Second TV Host: You really have to contain yourself because you see injustice on the screen and players like you that are very intense I don't know did you have to change or modify something about the way you are on the field after seeing these things that are different than Argentina?

Enzo nodding up and down

Copetti: There just comes a point you just give up and you have nothing left to do but accept them ( the calls) because you know nothing is going to change.

Another player that Enzo wanted to bring to Charlotte FC:

TV Host: I understand there was another player you were trying to bring with you to Charlotte.

Copetti: Ah yes? I wanted to bring, for me this is my opinion and no one else, I had a teammate at Atlético Rafaela that went to the sub-20 (of the national team) and he was captain and today is a star at Atlético, Alex Luna.

TV Host: He is a player that is young but has the makings to be a star

Copetti: He made his debut at 16 and there is a reason he made his debut at 16. He is a player with the projection to be big for me.