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How Long Can We Expect Jere Uronen To Be Out?

By Andrew Crowell

Photo Courtesy of CJ Hellner

The Crown have had a massive injury blow this week leading up to a pivotal game against Western Conference opponent LA Galaxy. In the past week, Jere Uronen picked up a knock that will see him miss at least this weekend’s game.

What is Uronen’s Prognosis?

Uronen is said to have picked up a slight groin strain. There are a few muscles that make up the ‘groin’ area including the adductor magnus, adductor brevis, adductor longus, and the gracilis. Charlotte’s starting left back is estimated to miss a few weeks according to Dean Smith. This likely means Uronen is suffering from a grade 1 groin strain. According to Harvard Health, a grade 1 strain means a few muscle fibers are stretched or torn and the muscle is tender/painful but strength is not affected. 

How Long Will Uronen Be Out?

Uronen will miss this weekend’s game against LA Galaxy but after that, his status is in the air. Grade 1 strains usually result in an absence of around 2 weeks. It would be wise to not rush Uronen back, as muscular injuries can be prolonged if a player is rushed back too soon.

In Uronen’s absence this weekend, Joāo Pedro or Jaylin Lindsey look to start at left-back and one of the two will look to contain Galaxy’s electric new winger, Joseph Paintsil, and the rest of a dangerous attack that has already scored 25 goals in 13 games this season.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and my work should never be taken as medical advice. All opinions are my own.