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Speculating The Foreign Transfer Market For Charlotte FC - Wingers

By Tyler Trent

Kerwin Vargas prepared to dribble the ball. Photo courtesy of AP.

Winger was a position Charlotte had very mixed performances with last season. While we have good players at the position, often times the team didn't click. Near the end of the season, our wing play significantly improved, however. With Yordy Reyna likely on the move, there is a possibility we see another winger brought in. Most likely a left winger where Reyna typically plays, but a right winger is a possibility too as most of our current wingers are capable of playing on either side.

Right Winger

Isaksen dribble the ball in a Europa League match against Lazio. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Gustav Isaksen (FC Midtjylland – Age 21) is Dreyer’s teammate and an exciting prospect as well. He has scored 4 goals and provided 1 assist in 10 games this season. While Dreyer is a more proven talent on the right wing, Isaksen has a huge upside and is comfortable with both feet and on either wing. Isaksen’s current estimate transfer value is 4.8 million dollars which is likely out of Charlotte's range to spend on a winger this season after the reported incoming of Enzo Copetti.

Jonathan Levi for Norrköping. Photo courtesy of IFK Norrköping.

Jonathan Levi (IFK Norrköping – Age 26) has had a strong season in Sweden with 6 goals and 5 assists for a struggling side. Levi is a player capable of providing good cover defensively with a great offensive output as well. His strong left foot provides him many opportunities for shooting opportunities as left footed winger, but he still provides quality balls into the box. He also can have a strong presence in the box at 6’1” with a good jump. Currently valued at 2.7 million dollars, he would provide a great signing for Charlotte, but still may be priced more than Charlotte is looking to spend on a winger this season.

Radar courtesy of Ben Griffis.

Václav Černý for FC Twente. Photo courtesy of

Václav Černý ( FC Twente – Age 24) is another left-footed right winger who has scored 4 goals in 7 games this season. Černý is a Czech Republic international who came up through the Ajax youth system. He hasn’t been a consistent starter for Twente this season, but has participated in 33% of their goals so far this season. At an estimated 2.7 million dollars, Černý provides another player that may be looking to get more minutes.

Joel Mvuka drives the ball forward. Photo courtesy of Bodø/Glimt.

Joel Mugisha Mvuka (Bodø/Glimt - Age 20) broke out for Bodø/Glimt this past season scoring 4 goals and providing 11 assists in all competitions. Mvuka is a pacey winger with skilled dribbling and an excellent passing range. Mvuka was also a regular contributor to his team's defensive efforts despite being one of the past attacking wingers in the league. Currently valued at 1.4 million dollars, Charlotte could invest in a high potential young player, however he only has one big season under his belt.

Radar courtesy of Ben Griffis.

Right Winger – Hidden Gem

Kaprálik celebrates a goal. Photo courtesy of TASR.

Adrian Kaprálik (MŠK Žilina – Age 20) is a Slovakian right winger who likes to dribble at opponents and use his speed and balance to glide past unexpecting opponents. Kaprálik has had three full seasons of professional football progressing with more starts each year in a youthful Žilina squad that make some noise early on in the inaugural Europa Conference League. Kaprálik would be a project winger, but has a high upside with a low estimated value of $453,000.

Left Winger

Alexi Pitu prepares to take a penalty. Photo courtesy of Sport Pictures.

Alexi Pitu (Farul Constanța - Age 20) is a young German-born, Romanian left winger. This season for Romanian league leaders Farul, he has scored 5 goals and added 5 assists in his 18 appearances. Pitu is a right-footed player who usually plays on the left wing, however, he is capable of playing on the right and attacking midfield roles. His value is currently estimated at $950,000.

Facundo Kruspzky celebrates a goal. Photo Courtesy of Arsenal.

Facundo Kruspzky (Arsenal de Sarandí - Age 20) is a young Argentine who had a breakout season this year. Playing on the left side of a 4-4-2, Kruspzky was able to score 10 goals and provide 4 assists to his team in all competitions this year. Kruspzky is a strong dribbler capable of protecting possession with both his skills and his strength. Kruspzky is also a threat in the box for headed balls standing at nearly 6 feet tall. With an estimated value of 3.7 million dollars, he is on the high side of a potential transfer target for this season, but could be used a U-22 initiative player or young-designated player to reduce the hit on cap space.

Radar courtesy of Ben Griffis.

Osame Sahraoui drives the ball forward. Photo courtesy of Vålerenga.

Osame Sahraoui (Vålerenga - Age 21) has been a regular contributor to his team's attack for the past three seasons. Capable of playing both wings and attacking midfield, he is a young player with a consistent record of quality play unlike some of the potential talent listed previously. This season he scored 6 goals and provided 5 assists in 29 games. Currently estimated at a value of 2.1 million dollars, he's a slightly cheaper option than some of the other prospects listed throughout this article.

Radar courtesy of Ben Griffis.

Dilane Bakwa scans the field ahead of him. Photo courtesy of Icon Sport.

Dilane Bakwa (Girondins Bordeaux - Age 20) has been a a breakout start for Bordeaux this season. He finally got his chance to shine after Bordeaux was relegated to Ligue 2 and has made the most of it by scoring 3 goals and adding 2 assists in 14 appearances this season. Valued at 1.9 million dollars, he provides flexibility in position as he has appeared everywhere across the front three of a 4-3-3 this season with similar success at each position.

Left Winger - Hidden Gem

Andy Polar celebrates a goal with his teammates. Photo courtesy of Grupo El Comerico.

Andy Polar (Deportivo Binacional - Age 25) has scored 5 goals and added 8 assists this season in Peru. Polar has been a regular contributor to his team since 2018. He is a very strong passer in the Peruvian league who also likes to dribble the ball forward and attacking players. Estimated at $505,000, Poler could be a great addition to the squad if he is able to adapt to MLS. Poler has received previous interest from clubs in Brazil, but decided to stay in Peru, but has recently saw interest from other Peruvian teams looking to sign him.

Radar courtesy of Ben Griffis.

All player values have been sourced from Transfermarkt – they are not representative of actual transfer fees that would be required to sign a player and, in many cases, will be lower than the actual value of the player.

The transfer market is much more difficult than looking at players values. This article does not take into account player salaries and intangibles.