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Fanalytics Matchday 24: Charlotte FC vs LAFC

Photo courtesy of Cisco's Art

We asked the fans how they feel and what they think is key to Charlotte FC’s upcoming match versus LAFC. Here's what we found:

Supporters’ feelings heading into the game

The most common responses were “screwed,” “must win,” “win," “optimistic," “terrified,” and “anxious.” A wide range of responses which makes sense as the MLS season has not been meeting preseason expectations, but Charlotte made a deep run in the Leagues Cup. Some fans remember how poorly things were going during early July while others are feeling the momentum that was built up until they visited Inter Miami in the Leagues Cup.

The creative word choice award goes to @I3O5T0IV for using "Sanguine" and @BadGenius for using "Eccedentesiast".

Supporters’ keys to the game

The most common stat that Charlotte fans keyed in on was shots on target (SOT). Charlotte is currently last in MLS in SOT (74). They are averaging 3.22 SOT/game. On the flip side, LAFC has the second-most SOT (129) this season.

Fans: @clt_tony_, @matthew.christiansen.1, @hell_diver0803, @parkseirin, @BradBrizendine1

Another key that was brought up was unforced errors. This is likely a crucial point in this game. According to Opta Analyst, LAFC is the fourth most pressing team in MLS based on passes per defensive action (PPDA). Not only does LAFC press but they are efficient at turning high turnovers from their press into shots (fifth in MLS) and goals (first).

Fans: @sir_cricket

A third key that fans mentioned was Charlotte’s defense. The Crown has allowed the most goals against (40) in MLS. Most of their goals against have come from open play (27) and many on counterattacks. LAFC has created the most direct attacks (68) in MLS. Charlotte will have to stay sharp to stop LAFC’s fast-paced attacking play.

Fans: @jayleonclt, @emart_2, @seangartley, @PJosaur