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Breaking down Charlotte FC's 101 MLS goals

By Brian Maurer

Enzo Copetti celebrates scoring Charlotte FC's 101st MLS regular season goal (Photo courtesy of Cisco's Art/TopBin90)

This past weekend Nikola Petković and Enzo Copetti scored Charlotte FC’s 100th and 101st MLS regular season goals in club history. Petković became the 31st player to score an MLS goal in Charlotte's history, showing just how many different players have added to the highlight reel since Adam Armour headed the club's first-ever goal.

Here is a statistical breakdown of Charlotte’s 101 goals:

Roster status

Charlotte’s senior roster spots lead in goals (42), followed by DPs (33), supplemental (15), and U-22s (7). The rest of the senior roster has accumulated more goals in club history than DPs and U-22s combined, which highlights some of the inconsistencies with the bigger transfer signings in the past three years.

International versus domestic

Charlotte’s international players have outscored the domestic players 55 to 42. Considering the amount of emphasis put on international roster spots it is surprising these totals are this close.

Positional lines

The forward line is the dominant scoring line here with 66, followed by 24 goals from the midfield, and seven from the defensive line.

Current versus former

Charlotte’s current roster has less than 40% of all 101 goals in club history. This stat highlights many of the scoring issues that Dean Smith walked into when taking over as head coach. Finding consistent replacements for all those goals that are gone from the last two years is going to be the pivotal point in Smith’s first season.