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About Us

We are the new age of football

Topbin90 is dedicated to bringing you the latest football news in the Queen City in an informative and entertaining way. Our focus is to provide quality coverage of the beautiful game through articles, depict stories of collegiate and professional players through podcasts, and create fun and interactive football content through vlogs.

Jorge Gonzales Headshot


Jorge Gonzales 

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I started Topbin90 as an outlet to talk about football and I never Imagined I could turn this into what it's becoming. I like to think of Topbin90 as a way for fans to get the latest information and an outlet to voice football opinions in an interactive and entertaining way. I believe the future is about creating content that is informative and enjoyable and that is what Topbin90 will always be about.


Chief Editor

Brian Maurer

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I enjoy discussing football. Writing provides me with the opportunity to express my thoughts on the beautiful game, in a well-thought-out, constructive way. I aim to provide written content on football that can be easily digestible by both the casual fan and the "football is life" -er.


Chief Of Operations

Emmanuel Martinez Lahut 

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" Born at a very young age."- Marco from BofA section 133.

Having started playing football at the age of 3, I have always been passionate about the beautiful game. I am excited to join the team as a business strategist. Here, I will be able to merge my knowledge of business and my passion for football to continue to grow this brand into a household name. I am enthusiastic about the future of Topbin90. Stay positive, but 2014 no era penal.


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