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The Junior Urso transfer from an Orlando City perspective

By Ben Hofer

Photo credit Ben Hofer

In a recent announcement, Júnior Urso bid farewell to Orlando City, embarking on a new journey with the revamped Charlotte FC under the leadership of manager Dean Smith. Urso was loved by many in Orlando and his playing style will likely energize fans in Charlotte.

Urso, affectionately known as "The Bear" as a professional during his Brazilian origins, has become synonymous with his aggressive playing style, accompanied by the iconic bear claw celebration. Boasting professional experience in Brazil, China, and the United States, Urso recently donned the Orlando City jersey for the second time in 2023, following a stint at Coritiba FC in Brazil. 

His return to Orlando was met with resounding applause, solidifying his status as a fan favorite and a borderline club legend, thanks to his tenacious approach on the field and exceptional skill that only Brazilians seem to effortlessly possess.


A dynamic and spirited player, Urso, at the age of 34, is a spark plug on the pitch. Primarily excelling in a box-to-box defensive role, he also exhibits a knack for creating opportunities for his teammates and has showcased his goal-scoring prowess in crucial moments for Orlando. Notably, he played a pivotal role in Orlando City's triumphant 2022 Open Cup campaign, contributing significantly to the team's success during his first stint at OCSC.

Photo credit Ben Hofer


Charlotte FC is poised to benefit from Urso's aggressive playing style and his substantial presence both on and off the ball. Renowned as a big locker room personality, Urso is expected to guide and inspire the Charlotte team toward success. 

While his departure will undoubtedly leave a void in the hearts of the Orlando faithful, there is an undeniable excitement about witnessing the contributions he will make to Charlotte's journey.