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"I must admit that I would like to return to Europe and play in the top five leagues"- Swiderski

By Brian Maurer

Karol Świderski celebrating a goal (Photo courtesy of Cisco's Art)

Karol Świderski had a recent interview with Polish media member Jakub Seweryn of Sport.Pl. In the interview Świderski discussed some of the highs and lows of his time playing for Charlotte FC as well as the Polish National Team. He also discussed his role regularly changing and his interest in making a move to a top-five league in Europe.

"I must admit that I would like to return to Europe and play in the top five leagues," Świderski told Seweryn. Seweryn then asked him if he had received any offers recently. "There are proposals...but it will not be easy to get a transfer now, because the transfer window in MLS has already closed and the club will not be able to sign anyone in my place," responded Świderski.

Last season there were reports that Świderski was being eyed by Lazio from the Italian Serie A. Świderski mentioned "there are proposals" and that his manager is talking to "various clubs". "Perhaps the club will decide to sell me by the end of August because they have two equal strikers for one place," finished Świderski.

Świderski also stated that he has been put into the midfield a lot and that this has not been an "optimal solution" for him. "You could see the difference when I could go back to the attack - the regularity in scoring goals returned, and my game looked much better," said Świderski about returning to the striker position with fellow striker Enzo Copetti out injured.

"If I stay in Charlotte for the rest of the year, I'll try to get as many as possible to help the team make the playoffs. If this fails, then it may be more difficult for me to get a winter transfer because I will finish the season in mid-October and in January I will not be in the match rhythm,"

Charlotte FC signed Karol Świderski from PAOK to a Designated Player contract in January 2022 for the Crown's inaugural season. The Polish international has been the most prolific player this season for Charlotte, with 10 goals and 6 assists in 28 matches.